To think that
Valentino, Capucci and all greatest designers
lived, worked and walked here…

To know that “Made in Italy” was born here,
To feel that creative fervour still reverberating
on the cobblestones of this street.

This. This is what makes me feel
part of something great.

Manuela Narduzzi
Founder and Creative Director of Ecriteau.

Style is a choice. Between beauty and haste.
Between uniqueness and the crowd.
Between knowing oneself
and suffering the judgement of othe

"The relationship with the client is a personal rapoort,
a link which enriches both of us.
And online?
The beauty of the product speaks for itself."

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“When you feel butterflies in your stomach, you know you’re making the right choice.”

“Don’t ever stop believing in the uniqueness of people.”